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Facebook tells Dads to go on leave

Kudos (or should this be one big thumbs up Like?) to Mark Zuckerberg who just recently significantly boosted the amount of parental leave offered to male employees. Just like Sir Richard Branson, who last year broke the mould of traditional leave policies at Virgin, Mark is shaking up his industry’s typical leave policies by extending […]

Don’t Scorn SCORM. The President ordered it (Yes, the one from the White House)

While you might be well aware that SCORM is the technical standards for online learning software programs. Did you know that it was President Bill Clinton who actually requested for its initial development? In what is surely an indication of the importance of getting workplace training right, the President signed the Presidential Executive Order 13111 in 1999, […]

Is a tick and flick culture keeping your office in the 90s?

Okay let’s have an honest discussion. Does your organisation suffer from a tick and flick culture when it comes to training administration? Whilst undoubtedly your organisation spruiks for workplace safety, are you really walking the talk? Or are you guilty (as many are) of doing the minimum by using the outdated practice of spreadsheets to maintain safety education and […]

Technology keeping the grim reaper out of business

Just like life – in business there are two things you absolutely cannot avoid. For life, of course, it’s taxes and death. For business – it’s tax and compliance. Or at least it should be. But did you know that as of the 8 September this year, 108 Australians died while at work? Death shouldn’t […]

Only 13% of employees are engaged at work

According to Gallup’s new 142-country study, one in eight workers are likely to be making positive contributions to their organisations. The report states that companies, who invest and attain higher employee engagement, achieve three times the operating margin than those with low employee engagement. Given this, what are you doing about it? The answer for […]

Your HR training sucks, with love Gen-Y

It’s no secret that Gen-Y have changed workplace culture and with this our management styles and even language, however one aspect of business which has been slow to change is our workplace training. Un-engaged young employees are simply not interacting effectively with traditional learning and training tools, which in comparison to the Apps they have […]

6 Reasons to Implement Software to Manage Your Learning Environment

Educational institutions have never been more diverse with five generations – traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Yers and Millennials working side by side. In the past, schools and universities relied on the internal hierarchy of an educational body to ensure their students and instructors worked collaboratively; now they invest in technology to bridge the […]

3 Strategies to Retain Satisfied Staff

The Australian Human Resources Institute released a study, which concluded that staff retention is at an all-time high. The survey, based on 561 respondents revealed that the average turnover rate of 13% for the past 12 months is a significant improvement compared to the 18.5% recorded five years ago. The research indicated that Australians are […]

How Learning Management Systems Benefit Educational Institutions

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are known by various names; learning content management system (LCMS), virtual learning environment (VLE), virtual learning system (VLS), learning portal, including course management system (CMS) or e-learning platforms. Education institutions implement LMS integrated software to support the development, assessment and administration of its curriculum, blending traditional in-person education with online interaction. […]