Is a tick and flick culture keeping your office in the 90s?

Okay let’s have an honest discussion.

Does your organisation suffer from a tick and flick culture when it comes to training administration?

Whilst undoubtedly your organisation spruiks for workplace safety, are you really walking the talk?

Or are you guilty (as many are) of doing the minimum by using the outdated practice of spreadsheets to maintain safety education and enforcement administration?

Employee completed training. TICK

Recorded in spreadsheet. FLICK UNTIL NEXT YEAR

Time to move onto business. TICK

Don’t be embarrassed if this is your business. In my experience it happens everywhere!

Construction. Manufacturing. Hospitality. Transport…

So what is wrong with the spreadsheet I hear you ask?

Invented in the late 70s, the spreadsheet hit prominence in the workplace in about the 90s when Microsoft excel came to dominate the market.

And wow has it made life in the workplace so much easier! Just like facsimile machines (another popular tool in the workplace of the same decade).

But who hasn’t had a near heart stopping moment when one of your excel spreadsheets refused to open, instead revealing this terrifying notification:


Aggghhh the nightmares!

While admittedly the spreadsheet has proven to be much more of a stayer than the humble fax, the world has since delivered better methods of administering, recording and reporting. (If you want to know more you can read about our platform here!)

Yes these new fangle dangle resources will most likely entail an initial investment, but before you scoff and think it isn’t worth it, let’s first travel back to the 1980s to the manager scoffing at the value of investing in a computer for his workplace.

Different perspective with hindsight isn’t it!

Productivity increases have definitely been proven when workplaces make an investment in new technologies (when implemented correctly, with dare I say it, some training!).

But lets also get to the heart of why a tick and flick culture is bad for an organisation (other than reverting to methods popular in a time when the world was hysterical about the impending disastrous consequences of the Y2K Bug, grunge was the height of fashion and the Spice Girls) were the biggest global pop act in the world!)

With a tick and flick culture comes a lack of awareness as to where your employees are falling short in skills and if your business is in danger of breaching regulations.

When administration is mismanaged, safety training could inadvertently be missed; certifications of staff lapse, and regulations breached, and in turn even more serious consequences could occur.

Such as injury or worse – workplace deaths.

It is all about working smarter. Not harder.

So don’t be all MC Hammer ‘U Can’t Touch This’ over your spreadsheets. Move into the 21st Century.

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